Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CFC's RFID Fact Sheet

Now that the budget has been passed, Sen. Joe Simitian's SB 28, 29, and 362 are scheduled for their Assembly Third Reading on Monday, August 27th. 28 and 29 address issues surrounding the use of RFID in government-issued documents, and 362 bans forced subcutaneous human implanting of RFID. Sen. Ellen Corbett's SB 388 (also scheduled for a third reading Monday) would require companies to inform customers of tags embedded in credit cards, or other products.

Read the CFC's fact sheet on RFID.

Consumers should always be skeptical of “the sky is falling” claims from industry or government - particularly when their profits and power stand to expand. The solutions authored by Senator’s Simitian and Corbett are reasonable and restrained approaches that balance the beneficial uses of the technology with the need for common sense privacy protections.

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