Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on Facebook Violations of Privacy

See the post below for the full story (earlier today), but I had to add these new revelations supplied by MoveOn.org as to how, specifically, member privacy is being violated by Facebook:

"Like our work together for Net Neutrality, this is fundamentally about the future of the Internet as a public space.

Here's what some people wrote on the public Wall of our Facebook group:

"I made a purchase yesterday for my wife for Christmas...When my wife logged onto Facebook, there was an entry in her news feed that I had bought a ring from Overstock. It had a link to the ring and everything. Christmas ruined."

—Sean L. from Massachusetts

"I saw my girlfriend bought an item i had been saying i wanted...so now part of my christmas gift has been ruined. Facebook is ruining christmas!"

—Matthew H. from New York

"Facebook, are you kidding me? This is way out of bounds for a program I never opted into."

—Matthew F. from Georgia3

For these reasons, I will include the rest of MoveOn's request for action:

Dear MoveOn member,

When you buy a book, movie, or gift online, do you want that information automatically shared with everyone you know?

Last week, the social networking site Facebook began doing just that. Private purchases made by Facebook users on other sites were posted on Facebook for people's co-workers, friends, and random acquaintances to see.1 Why? To benefit corporate advertisers.

Other sites are looking at Facebook's example to see if they can get away with similar privacy breaches. We need to draw a line in the sand—making clear that the wish lists of corporate advertisers must not come before the basic privacy rights of Internet users.

Can you urge Facebook to stop violating privacy rights? If you're on Facebook, join our Facebook group and invite your Facebook friends. If you're not on Facebook, you can sign our petition to Facebook.

You can join the Facebook group "Facebook, stop invading my privacy!" here:


Click here to sign the petition (see box at right for petition text):



Cujo said...

because facebook reveals your christmas presents, which is annoying of course, it doesn't violate your privacy.

you signed up for facebook, and knows that all information from your friends there, go into other peoples news feeds!
switch off the news feed. or log out of facebook before you buy anything.

i think you guys are way overreacting.

Ranganath said...

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