Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ACLU presses candidates to repeal Real ID card law

The ACLU has rightly thrust the REAL ID Act - and the need for all candidates to proclaim their opposition to it - into the Presidential campaign.

For those that follow the campaign - or privacy for that matter - its probably not a great suprise to know that Democratic candidates Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards, as well as Republican candidate Ron Paul, are the only ones to date to CLEARLY articulate the threat the REAL ID Act poses to civil liberties.

New Hampshire's Union Leader reports:

Begun in July, the national and state organizations' efforts to get the candidates to publicly reject the plan to turn the state driver's license into a de facto national identification card haven't had much success.

While former Sen. John Edwards and Ron Paul are on record against Real ID as a threat to civil liberties, as is Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Sen. Barack Obama's only response so far has been to object on grounds it's an unfunded mandate and not enough has been done to help the state's implement it.

Ebel said requests to the national office of Sen. Hillary Clinton have produced no response, so she's hoping the campaign organization here will be more receptive. On the Republican side, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign said that he favors a national ID, but opposes driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has said he doesn't think DMV workers should be in the immigration business.


Calabrese said the ACLU projects that although Real ID calls for the states to be in charge of their own information, ultimately the Feds will say "let us handle the database."

Ebel and Calabrese said the Department of Homeland Security is beginning to figure out there's growing opposition to Real ID at the state level, so they've introduced the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative that ACLU officials termed a "bait and switch" plan, which would hook up the driver's license base to customs databases.

Although people were originally going to have a passport to cross the border, DHS said if states linked their driver's license base to customs databases, they'd then be in compliance with Real ID. A key concern is that the DHS could expand the uses beyond the official purpose of Real ID. As specified by legislation, the Real ID is a secure card issued by states to be used only for the following reasons: to access a federal facility, board federally regulated commercial aircraft and enter nuclear plants.

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Anonymous said...

A national ID Card is a very bad concept! It can easily be corrupted by any group which may or presently is in control or influence of the insecurities of our homeland, and truly has little to do with 'national security'.

Our borders with Mexico have been wide open since the absurdly titled WAR ON TERROR was conceived and instituted. How can we possibly be serious about a supposed war on terror, when the largest faction of so-called rag-tag terrorists were from SAUDI ARABIA?! Why was SAUDI ARABIA never pursued? Why wasn't was Osama Bin Laden's family taken by the FBI and interrogated? Is it because of the secret and open alliances of power within 'HOUSE OF SAUD HOUSE OF BUSH' (book)?

If we are going to revolutionize our nation over a possible false flag attack, we first need to have 9-11 fully investigated!

We need to find out why ATTA was in Florida, and why few are questioning the FBI as to peculiarities in Florida with MOHAMED ATTA and those alleged 9-11 hijackers.
Nothing about this supposed WAR ON TERROR makes any rational sense. Moreover, it quickly transformed from a WAR ON TERROR, to a virtual war of Muslims against Christians?! How is that possible? With a loosely title WAR ON TERROR -- which is an ideological war -- there is no specific nation on Earth that is specifically challenged, but for the present high-strangeness of the WAR ON IRAQ with SHOCK AND AWE.

Any nations on Earth may now be suspect of hiding or assisting the all-powerful Al Qaeda, about which even the British investigations cannot determine how any such small rag-tag group has become such a formidable international enemy of the United States.

Is it still OK to question our agencies within our Democratic Republic?

If so, why have so few openly provided for Major Media reviews of the incredible book: 'WELCOME TO TERRORLAND' 'Mohamed ATTA & The 9-11 Cover-up In Florida' by DANIEL HOPSICKER.

Why have special agencies been allowed to cover-up ATTA's connections in Florida? Who truly helped mastermind the ATTA ATTACKS on 9-11? Why did our Air Force coincidentally stand down on 9-11?

Please see much more at: www.MadCowProd.com.

See why millions of American citizens now question the official government stories concerning 9-11.

If the neo-cons were involved in series of events allowing for high-crimes against American citizens, then they need to be exposed and brought to trial. The neo-cons were not so incidentally calling for a war against Iraq two years prior to 9-11, and specifically detailed how wonderful a PEARL HARBOR type attack would propel America into supporting a war in Iraq! Is that merely a coincidence? Is that why Bush was selected to operate as our leader by the SC SCOTUS Fiver, so that the corporate world would have their precious spOILer's war in IRAQ?!

How many more Big Lies must we endure with this particular administration?

Is it ok for us to state openly: We need impeachment now.