Thursday, September 11, 2008

Federal Real ID: A Solution Looking for a Problem

It's been quiet on the REAL ID front lately so I thought I'd post a good refresher course on this ad hoc National ID program. I think it could arguably be said there has been no more effective and outspoken opponent in the country to REAL ID than Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

On that note then, enjoy the interview of the Governor by Sherry Clark, editor of a weekly newspaper entitled The Liberty Voice:

"The federal government said, we need a system where people can't get on planes and fly them into buildings so they said, the solution would be this Real ID. Well, when it was pointed out to them that 15 of 17 of the hijackers would have qualified for this Real ID, then they said, there's another reason we need this and that's because of all these illegal immigrants.

Now when it was pointed out to them that people who were legal and illegal immigrants would qualify for this Real ID, they said the other reason we need to have this--not those first two reasons--is because there is so much identity theft right now. This is going to make sure that people won't be able to steal your identity.

This has been a solution looking for a problem. But what it's doing is it's giving the federal government the opportunity and the right to track when you get on an airplane, where you are going, when you got there and when you got home; and I haven't found a 10-year period when the federal government hasn't violated individual civil liberties.

This is information that should not be held by the federal government--because you can't trust them. They've demonstrated that for the past 100 years and I suspect the next 100 years would be the same.


So all the governors across the country folded like cheap suits, except a couple of us and sent their letters in. But I said, "Hold on a minute there cowboy! Why are you asking for an extension, if you don't agree we don't even want this thing? You ought to stand up and we'll stare them down!" So me, and the governors of North Carolina, Maine, and New Hampshire did not send in our letters.


Look, since Congress fell off the deep end and passed the PATRIOT ACT and then this Real ID Act, there are some people who have come to their senses. Members of Congress who voted for this kooky idea, are supposed to represent folks back home. Now it's clear they spend most of their time in DC, drink the water and eat the thick steaks provided by lobbyists, but ultimately they have to go home and run for re-election.

He really does break the issue down into it's simplest and most important form: states should just tell the government "no" and they will back down, and the public will stand by their Governor. Makes perfect sense...and we'll see in the coming months and years how effective Mr. Schweitzer is in persuading more Governors to do the same.

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Beat The Chip said...

The one trap all activists have to avoid on this if their opposition lies with identity securities and implemenation of digital tracking databases, use of RFIDS and biometrics is getting rolled into the immigration debate. Real IDs aren't about immigration, but the ruse is that we accept our Real IDs on the basis of the governments need to control incoming aliens. You avoid this with legislators by demanding identity security, amendements to the insertion of ID documents such as birth certificates and SSN#s into an internationally networked database and telling them that when it comes to your identity, immigration is not your problem and to not make it your problem.

ZJK said...

Thanks for the post. Now, let me apologize to everyone. Due to issues with my account, for the past year and a half I was not aware of all the comments that were being submitted (just discovered them on June 5, 2009)!! I went back and approved some, but others were so long ago it just didn't make much sense. At any rate, thank you, and I will be aware of comments in the future so comment away...Zack