Thursday, November 18, 2010

Israeli Security Expert on Countdown: Airport Body Scanners Make Us LESS Safe (and a Ron Paul barn burner too!)

Rather than rehash all this here right now, please check out my op-ed published in the California Progress Report yesterday entitle "A Hobson's Holiday Travel Choice: Digital Strip Search or Get Groped?".

Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to share some more thoughts on ALL the attention this issue if finally getting (those that follow this blog know I've been writing about this issue of airport body scanners for about a year now). For today, I just want to post another excellent video clip, this time from Keith Olbermann's Countdown in which, after a fantastic breakdown of the issue himself, interviews the pre-eminent Israeli airport security expert on the scanners, the aggressive TSA pat downs, and whether they're effective (hint: they make things worse, not better).

So add that to the multitude of reasons to oppose this privacy invasion: they make us less safe, not more (at least in terms of what we could be using all that money for).

Not to be outdone, check out Ron Paul on the floor of the House introducing a bill to address the airport body scanner issue(when it comes to privacy issues he's always right on the money...same on a lot of foreign policy...after that...well, let's just leave it there :) I can't take a position on this yet...but his remarks are on the money...

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