Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cenk Uygur on Profits Over Airport Security...

I haven't been posting here as much as I'd like lately due to time constraints, so in the meantime check out this great clip of Cenk Uygur as he goes through how "security industry" lobbyists are influencing the debate over the use of airport body scanners (digital strip search machines). Its a few months old, and god knows I've made this point on this blog, but this is REALLY GOOD.

Welcome to the American revolving door between public officials and corporate America...and all those influence peddlers walking the halls of Congress with campaign cash in hand. The end result in this case is the expenditure of billions in taxpayer dollars on fear driven TSA body scanners that violate our privacy (with the choice of aggressive pat downs for those that choose that "option") while being grossly ineffective, intrusive, expensive, and unnecessary.

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